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Upcoming Workshops


Meet the Mirror ONLINE -16th July – 9am to 11am

Journal writing workshop & mentoring group for women at the pivotal transition time in life: through meditation, writing prompts and many other tools, we will explore ways of meeting ourselves on the page to see what is reflected back as well as what we reflect with each other. A TEAMS meeting link to join will be sent to the email used at booking before the event Please send money as friends / family to womenweavingwords@gmail.com (thank you!)


Write @ Home Winter 2022

A 30-minute guided writing practice, that can be used time and again. Prepared as part of the Winter Solstice online workshop, it allows those who didn’t attend an opportunity to engage in the writing part of the offering. A private link to the video will be sent separately. Please note: this is not an automated service and will be done as soon after payment as possible. No refunds once link has been sent.


Meet the Mirror

This group is for women finding themselves at a pivotal time of transition in their lives and feeling the need to connect with others and share through the medium of writing, meditation and other practices. Meet the Mirror offers a space for deep discovery, mutual sharing, mentoring and support. Do you identify yourself as the archetypal wise woman, someone moving into the Autumn (or later) wisdom cycle? Creatrix, Priestess or Dark Mother? Perhaps you are using your current phase of life to retrain or share skills / tools that you’ve kept hidden for many years?

Activities will be aimed at helping you to delve deep into questions and prompts to bring clarity where there’s confusion, and ask those burning questions that arise at this challenging yet exciting phase in our lives that is full of potential.

Absolutely no writing experience is required – we utilise stream of consciousness in order to bypass our inner critic – that ‘inner’ voice that keeps us small and our dreams and gifts hidden as a result.

A voyage of discovery in a safe container – where you are able to explore with others sharing this life stage. Sessions will combine various tools, for example:

  • Meditation to ground our energy
  • Writing prompts to engage hearts & minds
  • Embodied practice to get us into our flow
  • Use of oracle / tarot / photos + more to inspire

As a group, we shall create from what we need in the given moment and be encouraged to bring our gifts to share and also help design future activities.

Women who’ve already signed up come from backgrounds in shamanism, mediumship, Jungian counselling and astrology. We would love to welcome you too.

Testimonies: What People Say

This circle [Meet the Mirror] is my bi-monthly dose of Bliss. It  is a real sacred space in which you can fully immerse in thought-provoking, beautiful, transformative experiences that Claire offers. Shared with a group of wonderful wise women, Claire expertly holds and guides us with wisdom and Grace. I feel blessed to be part of this. Thank you Claire.

Dawn Rosser

Claire has an extraordinary gift for facilitating group work. This beautiful group consists of peri-menopausal women going through a wide diversity of transitions. Claire guides us through delicious meditations, writing and reflections…but the truly powerful “in the mirror” magic happens when we share. That’s when we see much more of ourselves- through each other. For me these bi-monthly encounters have become an oasis in which I can comfortably express my deepest feelings knowing that I am unconditionally supported by other women.

Nicole Prado – Madrid, Spain

I have found the workshop sessions centring, calming & at times far-reaching in terms of self understanding.  They have also enabled a level of writing that I have very much enjoyed.  I’m really enjoying the mix of meditative contemplation and yogic postures with writing. 


Meet the Mirror has really helped me to get in touch with some of the deeper parts of myself, and has come out in my writing. I am always fascinated by the synchronicity of the work with life at the time. The bringing together of like minded womxn has been a beautiful thing for me to experience. Claire is a great and gentle facilitator and mentor – thank you


I have enjoyed the opportunity to explore a ‘new to me’ way of expressing myself, maybe also thinking about my life and how it is changing.

I’ve loved the freedom to vomit out all this stuff, such an affirmation of creativity & life. Thank you Claire.

The creative energy. The insights I’ve had along with nurturing & nourishing myself emotionally & mentally. Thank you for this beautiful, provoking space.

Feedback from recent LGBTQ Survivors writing workshop

The use of poetry as a stepping off point was really useful and helped me get out of my comfort zone

Safe and welcoming space. Claire [was] great

More of this please, and other events where we can do stuff and chat 🙂

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