About Me

I have always been drawn to contemplation in one form or another. As a young girl, I would climb a nearby Silver Birch and sit with my back to the trunk. I was happy to remain there for what seemed forever. Discovering meditation in my late-teens and teaching myself from a book, meditation became a regular feature. Then, as a mother to two daughters, meditation was my go-to as way of keeping the frayed ends of life together when the challenges increased. Now, in menopause, meditation is an essential in my knapsack of tools.

My background sees 30 years as a yoga therapist (now retired), where I facilitated classes for remedial needs such as cancer and rehabilitation, stroke survivors, MS and Parkinson’s. In addition, I taught pre / post-natal, and offered a peer support group for women with perinatal mental health challenges, including those dealing with birth trauma. Within all of these offerings meditation has been a firm feature.

I focus primarily on teaching Calm Abiding (shinay, Tib.) however, as with all my approaches, sessions are eclectic (some may say rebellious) where we look at meditation as a tool for ‘off the cushion’.

Writing is my other passion. I find it hard to be without a pen or pencil and something to write with. I collect notebooks, journals and field guides as you can never (apparently) have enough! Writing is also a meditation, especially when writing long hand. The focus is drawn to the words forming on the page. Poetry is my first love though I’m being drawn more to non-fiction prose as time passes.

What People Say

Claire is a fantastic instructor, warm and kind and always smiling.  I have valued my time with her.

I feel nurtured and taken care of. Thank you for these classes.

Uplifting, calming & affirming; just what I needed at a time when everything is in flux & I needed centring – thank you.

Let’s create something together.